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Create a colorful Drip Dye Flower Pot just in time for spring. This brightly colored pot is perfect for a bunch of flowers, stationery storage, and more!




CRAYOLA Acrylic Paint

Disposable Cups

Craft Sticks

Flower Pot




1.Pour a single color of paint into a smaller plastic cup. Add white, black, or another complementary color to create new shades. If your paint is too thick, add 1 teaspoon of water to thin it out.

2.Protect your work surface with recycled newspaper before placing a small plastic cup in the center. Maker sure your cup fits inside the opening of your flower pot. Place your flower pot on top of your cup, upside down.

3.Pour paint around the edges of your flower pot to create a drip dye effect. Tip: Vary the colors to create a marbled effect.

4.Let dry completely before picking up and removing the cup. Add flowers, stationery, or other items for a colorful piece of decor.


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