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Double Scoop Pom-Pom Ice Cream Cone



It’s double the fun when you make this Double-Scoop Pom-Pom Ice Cream Cone.


Ice Cream Cone Template (CLICK HERE)





Clear tape

Crayola Find Line Markers, Classic Colors

Recollections Chipboard Sheet

Loops & Threads Solid Impeccable Yarn, Arbor Rose

Craft Smart Solid Yarn, White

Craft Smart Solid Yarn, Light Blue

Creatology Chenille Stems, White

ArtMinds Extra Fine Glitter Stacker, Crystal

Creatology 1/2” Pom Poms, Red

Recollections Cardstock Paper, White

Elmer’s Washable School Glue

Recollections Hand Punch



1.CLICK HERE to download and print template. Cut out the cone and tag shapes.  

2.Trace the cone pattern onto a piece of brown construction paper, using a pencil, and cut out the shape. 

3.Trace the tag onto a white piece of paper and cut out the shape. Set aside. 

4.Use a brown marker to draw diagonal lines in one direction across the brown cone, about ½” apart. Draw diagonal lines in the opposite direction, creating the “waffle cone” look. 

5.Roll the shape into a dimensional cone. Use tape to secure the cone in place. 

6.Cut the piece of chipboard paper into four even squares. Each square will be 6″x6″. 

7.To create the large scoop of ice cream, wrap yarn around one square piece of chipboard 100 times, and then cut yarn from the skein. 

8.Cut a piece of yarn from the skein that is about 12″ long. Set horizontally on your working surface. 

9.Carefully slide the yarn off the chipboard and place on top of the horizontal yarn string on the table so that strands of yarn are going up and down, not side-to-side. Make sure that the horizontal yarn underneath is positioned in the middle of the yarn strands. 

10.Tie the horizontal yarn around the yarn strands and tie as tightly as possible. Do not trim the tail ends.


TIP: When you start to tie and you have pulled as tightly as possible, have a friend put a finger on it to hold in place while you create the knot. Pull tightly and make sure your friend moves the finger.

11.While holding onto the tails from the previously horizontal yarn, cut the open loops on both sides and trim the yarn down until you create a round, even pom-pom. Trim only one of the long tails you are holding onto even, so it is flush with the rest of the pom-pom, but keep one tail end long. 

12.To create the small ice cream scoop, hold your hand out and bring four fingers together. Wrap this hand with white yarn 50 times. Complete the pom-pom as you did in Steps 8-11. Trim the tail so it blends in with the pom-pom.


TIP: No long tail is needed on this pom-pom.

13.Attach the two pom poms together by sliding a chenille pipe cleaner through both of them, trim so that none of the chenille pipe cleaner is showing, and bend the two ends so the stem doesn’t slide through the pom-poms. 

14.Add glue to the top of the white pom-pom and sprinkle glitter on top. Shake off excess. 

15.Glue a cherry on top of the white pom-pom. Let dry. 

16.ADULT: Punch a hole on one end of the white tag. 

17.Use a marker to write a sentiment on the tag. 

18.Tie the tag onto the end of the long tail on the pom-pom. 

19.Set the “double scoop” onto the cone and give to a friend.


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