Live Music from the North Pole!



A cute accessory for an afternoon of play or a special occasion or costume.


9″x 12″ felt pieces: light brown, dark brown, black

Hot glue gun & glue sticks


Plain craft dog-shaped mask



1.Cut a piece of light brown felt slightly larger than the size of the mask.

2.Glue the felt to the mask, and trim away any extra felt around the edges and eyeholes.

3.CLICK HERE for the pattern template; print out. Using the pattern template, cut out one brown felt eye spot. Glue in place over one eye, and cut out the eyehole.

4.Using the pattern templates, cut out the brown felt ear pieces. Glue two ear pieces together to make one ear.

5.Glue the ears to top of the mask, gluing to the inside of the mask. Bend the ears down and hot glue the tip of the ear to the side of the mask.

6.Use the pattern template to cut out one black felt nose. Glue the nose in place.


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