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Dog Bed and Pallet



Your pooch will feel like royalty in their very own decorated bed, made from a standard wood crate.


NOTE: This project is intended for small dogs only



Wood crate

Wood mini pallet

Home Decor Chalk – Vintage Victorian

Home Decor Chalk – Sheepskin

Home Decor Wax- clearGold metallic marker pen

Sharpie marker, fine tip

Piece of wood 1/4″ thick for under pillow

Crown & lettering template

Copy paper & printer

2″ paint brush

9″x12″ pillow form

Faux fur or fabric to cover pillow




Heavy-duty glue


Optional: L-brackets


1. Select a small sheet of wood to be placed on top of the second slat on the crate for the dog pillow to sit on. This wood will be painted and covered by the pillow, so top grade lumber is not required.

2. Measure the opening between the slats to get the right thickness of wood.

3. With a pencil, mark a line on the wood for the width and length of the crate.

4. Cut the wood to above measurements.

5. Remove the slat second from the bottom on one side of the crate.

6. Paint the entire crate, sheet of wood and mini pallet, with Sheepskin. Allow to dry.

7. Paint the entire crate, sheet of wood and mini pallet with Vintage Victorian. Allow to dry.

8. Slide the sheet of wood in place on top of the second slat and glue it in place. Reinforce as needed.

9. Sand the edges of the crate and mini pallet for distressed look.

10. Wax with clear wax.

11. CLICK HERE for the pattern; print out.

12. Using a dark pencil, rub on the back of the paper template.

13. Tape the crown in the center on the top slat and trace over the crown.

14. Tape down the lettering “Welcome to My Throne” on the slat below, centering it. Use a pencil and trace over the “Welcome to My Throne”.

15. Remove crown and lettering templates.

16. Using the transfers as a guide, fill in with the gold metallic maker.

17. Use the black Sharpie marker and highlight the shadow side of the crown and lettering. Refer to photo.

18. Once crate and pallet are dry, apply Home Decor Wax.

19. Create pillow using faux fur or desired fabric.


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