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DIY Wall Space Wooden Christmas Tree


This DIY Wall Space Wooden Christmas Tree is a fun project for a child’s bedroom or playroom.






Optional: Chop saw or other power saw *ADULT ONLY

Elmer’s Carpenter’s Wood Glue

7 Wood Stakes



1.Make the middle piece (main trunk) first and determine the height of your tree. Each stake is 24”, so to make a 36″ as shown, glue half of one stake to the other stake, clamp it to hold it in place and let the glue dry.

2.Plan out the rest of your branches. Cut your wood pieces to size and lay them out along the main trunk and adjust the positioning until you are happy with the layout.

3.Glue the main branch pieces to the trunk piece, clamp and let dry.

4.Glue the smaller pieces to the branches, clamp and let dry.


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