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DIY Unfinished Wood Flag


Attractive unfinished wood flag



1- Unfinished USA wood pallet
1- Jar of American Décor Blue Crystal paint
1- Jar of American Décor White China paint
1- Jar of American Décor Garnet Stone paint
1- Package of assorted sized unfinished wooden stars
1-Flat 2” paint brush
1- Smaller round brush
1- Tube of E6000 glue



1.Using the flat paintbrush and white paint, paint the entire united states white just on the surface and let it dry.

2.Next, paint every other stripe red starting at the top.

3.Paint the square with the Blue Crystal paint and let it dry.

4.Using smaller brush, paint the stars white and let them dry.

5.Attach the stars to the wooden united states using the E6000 glue and let it dry.


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