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Makes 24 napkin rings


Set the table and a festive fall mood. It’s easy to make these napkin rings a part of your fall decor. They’re a sweet decoration for the Thanksgiving table and fall dinner parties.

Sheet of craft foam
Hot glue gun
Paper leaves and other fall decorations
Double-sided tape or adhesive dots
KISSES Milk Chocolates
Cloth napkins


1.Cut the craft foam into strips using scissors. Each strip should be about an inch wide and four to five inches long.

2.Apply hot glue to the end of each strip. Bring the ends of the strip together to form a ring.

3.Attach your decorations to each ring using hot glue. Use double-sided tape or an adhesive dot to attach a HERSHEY’S KISSES Chocolate to each ring.

4.Pull a napkin through each ring to finish your place setting!


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