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Fun for your indoor feathered friends, or place in the backyard…this craft is fun to make to make your bird babies tweet with happiness.


Tall Wood Birdhouse by ARTMINDS

7” Hanging Wood Birdhouse by ARTMINDS

Smooth Roof Birdhouse by ARTMINDS


Soft Cloth


Wood Stain, desired color

*birdhouses available online or in-store at MICHAELS



1.Wipe off the wood birdhouses with a damp soft cloth to remove any excess dust. Use a wet paintbrush to apply the stain in the areas desired.

2.Use a soft damp cloth to remove excess stain and reduce the color, allowing the woodgrain to show. Let dry. Sand areas of the birdhouses, if desired, to create highlights, as the natural wood will show through.


TIP: To create highlights and lowlights, apply a diluted thin coat of white or black to the area desired.


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