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Decorative Holiday Envelopes



You’re sure to make someone’s day when you send a holiday card or note in these decorated envelopes. Show your creative side to make the most festive designs! Pick your favorite, enclose your letter to Santa, and send it off to the North Pole!


Paper or cardstock


Adhesive foam

Markers, paint or ink

General crafting tools (scissors, glue)



1.Start with an envelope you would like to decorate or create your own envelope out of some cardstock.

2.To create your own envelope, open an existing envelope that matches your card size. Trace the flat envelope onto the new paper. Fold envelope flaps in and glue together, leaving the 4th flap open for the card.

3.Decide where you would like to place the name and address, so it is visible and you can design around it. Writing the name and address on a separate sheet of paper and adhering it to the envelope afterward, means you can try your hand at a few different fonts or calligraphy styles without wasting an envelope!

4.Decide on a theme – Do you want to doodle around the name? Do you want to create a gingerbread village on the envelope? Do you want to use all the fun holiday imagery on the printed paper? Or combine a lot of techniques? It’s up to you!

5.Layering cut out designs on top of each other ensures that handmade look. Using adhesive foam allows you to draw and cut out your designs, then just peel the back and stick it on!


TIP: Use the photo as a guide to create designs shown.


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