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Get into the groove with a neon Dancing Skeleton that wiggles, jiggles, and jives while it hangs out…great for a Halloween party!


CRAYOLA Model Magic

CRAYOLA Glitter Glue


CRAYOLA Scissors

Craft Stick



1. Skeletons are more than just spooky Halloween decorations! They are support systems for our bodies. And they can also be lots of fun! Find out more about your skeleton. Use your imagination or follow these steps to make your dancing skeleton.

2. Mix neon CRAYOLA Model Magic colors together to create a marbled effect. Model Magic compound sticks to itself.

3. Roll, flatten, and cut out pieces of Model Magic compound with CRAYOLA Scissors to shape the skull, torso, hands, and feet. On the skull, add small Model Magic teeth. Roll two small eyeballs and press them in place. Indent ribs in the torso with a craft stick or plastic knife. Push two holes into the torso for hip sockets.

4. To make your skeleton’s hands, flatten two long ovals. Cut four slits into the ovals, creating five fingers. For the feet, cut two long rectangles. Press into each foot with a craft stick or plastic knife to design foot bones and toes.

5. To make arm and leg bones, roll a long “snake” of Model Magic. Cut it into pieces. Fold the ends up and snip in the center to form the bone tips.

6. Use yarn, thread, or clear craft lacing to connect the bones of your skeleton. Poke holes in the bones or embed the lacing in them to assemble. Embed yarn at the top of the skull for hanging. Model Magic dries to the touch overnight and completely air dry.

7. Use CRAYOLA Glitter Glue to decorate your colorful skeleton. For example, outline the eyes, add a pupil to each eyeball, and highlight ribs, hands, and foot bones. Air-dry the paint before hanging indoors.


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