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This Creatology Clay Reindeer Photo Holder makes a great holiday gift or a cute craft to keep.



Creatology Chenille Stems, red

Creatology Assorted Wiggle Eyes

Creatology Assorted Cup Sequins

Creatology Soft Clay Packs to include brown, black and white



1.Knead brown clay in your hands for a few minutes. Pinch a small piece from the brown clay and set aside, then roll the rest into a ball. Form the ball into an oval-like shape to form your reindeer’s head. Set aside.

2.Mix the small brown pinch of clay with a very small amount of black clay to get a darker shade of brown.

3.Divide the rest of the darker brown clay into two equal parts and shape each into two reindeer antlers. TIP: Use image as a guide. Draw your shape onto your wax (or palette) paper then shape the clay over the drawing.

4.Gently push the antlers into opposite sides of your reindeer’s head.

5.Glue two small wiggle eyes into place. Let dry.

6.Use a marker to draw a mouth.

7.Glue a sequin in place for a nose. Let dry.

8.Coil a chenille pipe cleaner into a hat. On the top of the hat, create a spiral to hold your photo. On the other end, bend the chenille pipe cleaner downward and push into the top of your reindeer’s head.

9.Knead white clay for a few minutes and shape into a puddle (or pile) of snow. Set your reindeer into the snow to create a stable base.

10.Set in a safe place to dry for at least 24 hours.


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