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Fun red Christmas tree truck ornament



1 Assorted Cup Sequins By Creatology

1 Wood Craft Sticks By Creatology

1 Construction Paper Pad By Creatology

1 Glitter & Sequin Glue By Creatology

1 Sparkle Chenille Pipe Cleaners, 25ct. By Creatology

1 Primary Acrylic Paint By Creatology 6ct.

1 6 Ct. Taklon Bristle Paintbrushes By Creatology

1 Blunt Tip Scissors By Creatology



1. Paint six craft sticks red. Let dry.

TIP: Use the image as your guide when crafting your Craft Stick Truck Ornament

2. Cut one of the red sticks in half. Set aside.

3. Lay three of the red sticks next to each other, horizontally. Now, glue two cut sticks across the top of them, vertically, hold them together.

TIP: Allow some of the stick to extend beyond the bottom stick so you can attach the tires later.

4. Cut another red stick in half. Position the two cut halves on the left side of the sticks to make the cab of the truck.

5. Cut one piece of another red stick to make the roof of the truck’s cab.

6. Glue the sticks together and let dry.

7. Flip the truck over and cut out two black construction paper circles for the tires. Glue the two circles to the red sticks for the tires.

8. Cut one green chenille pipe cleaner in half.

9. Bend one of the chenille pipe cleaner halves in a zig zag to make a small tree and glue it inside the truck bed.

10. Glue sequins to the truck.

TIP: Bend the remaining chenille pipe cleaner half and glue to the top of the truck’s roof to make a hanger.

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