Live Music from the North Pole!


All aboard…we’re off to make a Craft Stick Train with Elf craft for the holidays.



Craft templates (CLICK HERE TO PRINT)

Creatology Markers

Creatology Craft Sticks

Creatology Taklon Bristle Paintbrushes

Elmer’s School Glue

Star-shaped foam shapes

Round-shaped wheel foam shapes

Construction Paper

Chenille pipe cleaners, red

Craft Smart Paint



1.First, CLICK HERE to download and print the templates; then cut out the patterns.

2.Fill in the elf and wheels using markers.

3.To make the train, stack four craft sticks horizontally, then lay two craft sticks vertically at one end to make the cab of the train. Glue the vertical sticks to the stack of four horizontal sticks and let dry. TIP: Use the image as a guide.

4.Cut a craft stick to make the cross piece for the top of the cab and glue into place.

5.Now, arrange two craft sticks vertically at the opposite end of the train to make the smoke stack. Let the glue dry. TIP: Be sure at least one of the sticks extends below the train so that you can attach the front wheels.

6.Paint and decorate the train as desired using supplies from your craft case.

7.Glue on the wheels and decorate the smoke stack.

8.Finally, glue the elf to the back of the cab opening so you see him (or her) from the front.


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