Live Music from the North Pole!


What could be cuter than a smiling Craft Stick Snowman ornament…kids can hang it on their tree or give it as a gift.



Creatology Craft Sticks

Creatolgy Chenille Stems, assorted blue shades

Elmer’s School Glue

Creatology pom poms, 1”

Creatology Wiggle Eyes

Craft Smart Yarn, Red

Craft Smart Multi-Surface Premium Satin Paint, White



1.Lay out seven mini craft sticks vertically, side by side. Make sure the tops and bottoms are straight. Glue one or two mini craft sticks horizontally across them and let dry.

2.Turn the craft sticks over so the horizontal craft sticks are on the back. Paint the craft sticks white and let dry.

3.Glue a pom-pom to the top on either side of the craft sticks to make earmuffs. Cut a piece of chenille pipe cleaner about 3″ [7.62 cm] and arc it slightly. Glue each end to the pom-pom on either end. Let dry.

4.Glue on two wiggle eyes and draw the rest of his face using markers.

5.Wrap Bright Red yarn around his neck several time and tie a knot to make his scarf. Trim the excess yarn.


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