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Perfect for a birthday party, Colorful Tulle Pom-Pom Garland will had a festive touch to the celebration.



Tape measure (or ruler)

1 – 6mm solid chenille stems by creatology

Craft Smart Yarn, Solid White

Celebrate It Occasions Tulle Fabric: Dark Turquoise, Red, Light Blue, Lavender, Pink, Orange

Celebrate It 6” neon Tulle: Neon Pink, Neon Green

Loops & Threads Assorted Needles Set

Clover Pom Pom Makers



1.Follow the packaging directions on the largest pom-pom maker to make one pom-pom from each color of tulle. Trim away any uneven ends from each pom-pom.

2.Cut 6 yards of white yarn, or cut to size needed for your space.

TIP: If you have a larger space for your garland, simply make more pom-poms.

3.To string the pom-poms onto your garland, thread the yarn onto a larger needle and push the needle through each one. Space the pompoms as desired.


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