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Bring a pop of color to your next party with easy-to-make Colorful Balloon Garland…perfect as a table runner or decoration to hang on the wall.



Party balloon pump

Celebrate It 12” Assorted Colors Balloons

Ashland Natural Jute Twine



1.First, take a moment to figure out how long you’d like your garland to be. Add several inches to account for knotting the twine around your balloons. Measure and cut your twine to that length.

TIP: Are you laying out your garland as a table runner or hanging it on your wall? If it’s the latter, then add a few more inches on each side before you cut your twine.

2.Use the balloon pump to inflate as many balloons as you need, knotting each one closed as you finish.

TIP: Vary the fullness as you inflate the balloons. This will help you cluster them closer together and provide visual interest.

3.Arrange your balloons in dense, colorful clusters. One at a time, tie each balloon into place along the length of twine, knotting the twine at its base.

4.Continue to add balloons in each color, along the entire length of the twine, until your garland is as long and full as you’d like it to be; and then set it or hang it in place.


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