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Color Pour Resin Gingerbread Boy + Girl


Resin Gingerbread



Color Pour Resin & Hardener
Color Pour Resin Gingerbread Boy & Girl Mold
Color Pour Resin Transparent Dye Kit – Metallic
Color Pour Resin Reusable Pouring Cup
Color Pour Resin Supply Kit
White Acrylic Paint



** It is important when working with resin to work in a well-ventilated area, keep gloves on, and wear a mask with extended use. **

1.Mix Color Pour Resin & Hardener according to instructions. Mix with gold metallic resin and a drop of black dye until fully incorporated. The black dye will deepen the gold color.

2.Place resin molds onto a craft mat and pour the resin into the mold.

3.Let resin cure for 24 hours.

4.Take coasters out of the mold and add white acrylic paint to the openings to make the details/features of the gingerbread boy and girl stand out.


Using gold is a festive way to get that true gingerbread look, but try making them in different colors to suit your mood or decor.

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