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Celebrate monthly birthdays with a sweet treat!

A fun way to showcase birthdays for students, kids in a family, or even a group of friends with this Class Monthly Birthday Calendar.



Foam sheets (various colors, as shown in photo)


Recollections washi crafting tape, black

Recollections Adhesive Tape, 1/4” x 5yd

Mini Glue Dots Sheets

Artist’s Loft Necessities Canvas, 11” x 14”

Sharpie Fine Point Permanent Marker, Black




1.Trace ice cream scoop shapes onto varying colors of foam sheets and cut out. Cut out as many scoops as you have students/ names.

2.Draw banana shapes (use photo as guide) onto yellow foam and cut out. Cut out 12 small banana shapes; one for each month.

3.Draw bowl shape (use photo as guide) onto a foam sheet and cut out.

4.Using a Sharpie marker, write names of students on ice cream scoops. Write in pencil first to get the name centered.

5.Write each month on a small banana shape in pencil and go over each with Sharpie marker.

6.Use craft glue to create drizzles on the top of each scoop and sprinkle glitter on while wet. Shake off excess glitter. Let dry.

7.Use double-sided tape to attach a large piece of purple foam to the canvas board. Smooth flat.

8.Use tape to attach a rectangle piece of Teal foam to the bottom 1/3 of the board. Smooth flat.

9.Attach the bowl to the board, using adhesive tape.

10.Tape the large banana in place on top of the bowl.

11.Adhesive dot the month banana on top of the large banana.

12.Add an adhesive dot to the back of each ice cream scoop to be used in the current month and create a stack of scoops in the bowl.

13.Add washi tape around the edge of the board, framing it.

14.Cut a piece of ribbon and adhere to the back of the frame with adhesive tape, creating a hanger.


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