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This Christmas Tree Ornament is the perfect sparkly addition to your own Christmas tree.



Crayola Pointed Tip Scissors

Favorite photo

Green marker

Creatology Mini Wood Craft Sticks

Creatology Wood Craft Sticks

Creatology Glitter, Kelly Green

Elmer’s Glue-All Multi-Purpose Liquid Glue, Extra Strong

Craft Smart Yarn, White



1.Use a green marker to color four regular craft sticks and two mini craft sticks.

2.Glue three craft stick ends together to make the shape of a triangle. Let dry.

3.Glue the ends of two mini craft sticks to the bottom side of the triangle. Let dry.

4.Glue another craft stick over the mini craft sticks, strengthening the bottom of the triangle. Let dry.

5.Spread glue over the top of the craft sticks and spread it around until the tops of the craft sticks are completely covered.

6.Sprinkle green glitter over the wet glue. Let dry.

7.Cut a piece of yarn about 6″ long and tie a knot, with the ends making a loop. Glue the knotted area to the back side and top of the Christmas tree. Let dry.


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