Live Music from the North Pole!


This adorable Christmas Snowman Gift Mug is the perfect craft for the holiday season and into the winter. Give it as a candy filled-gift or keep it in your kitchen.



White mug

White Cardstock

Elmer’s School Glue

Creatology Assorted Wiggle Eyes

Creatology Chenille Stems, Multicolored


Creatology 1/2” Poms Poms

Creatology Blunt Tip Scissors

Assorted holiday candy



1.Trace the bottom circle of the mug onto a piece of white cardstock. Cut out the circle.

2.Make the snowman’s face by gluing on wiggle eyes, a piece of chenille pipe cleaner bent into a nose shape and draw on the charcoal mouth and eyebrows.

3.Next, glue a chenille pipe cleaner that arches over the top of your snowman’s head and add a pom-pom on each side to make the earmuffs.

4.Make a circle with a white chenille pipe cleaner, that is smaller than the snowman’s head, and twist the ends leaving two tails. Glue the circle (not the tails) to the back of the head and set it aside to dry.

5.Make a scarf by braiding three chenille pipe cleaners together. Wrap the braided scarf around the top of the mug and twist it together tightly on the back side by the handle.

6.Now, add chenille pipe cleaner arms. Using two for each arm, cut a section off each and twist them to the ends making the hands. Twist the opposite ends around the mug in the back and then in the front keeping it tight to stay around the mug. Bend the fingers up so they can hold a piece of paper with a child’s name. Write the name and set it in the hands.

7.Twist the two tails from the circle, added to the back of your snowman’s head, around the handle of the mug to hold in place. TIP: ADULT: If needed, use hot glue to hold some of the pieces together.

8.Glue two pom-poms on for your snowman’s feet.

9.Fill the mug with your favorite holiday candy.


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