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Make the perfect ribbon tree!



Paper mache box
Spray paint – red (& gold optional)
Ribbons – Green with Dots & Red – 1″ wide (1 yard each minimum, depending on size of box)
Ribbon – narrow red with white dots (one reel)
Small gold jingle bells
Small gold star buttons
Zots or double-sided tape


1. Spray the box red. (Tip: Spraying the first time with Gold spray paint results in a more even coating. The gold paint acts as a “primer”? essentially covering all imperfections and giving the final Red spray a cleaner and more metallic finish.)

2. Create a tree trunk with Green with Dots ribbon by securing ribbon at the bottom of the box lid and under the lid with Zots or double-sided tape.

3. Secure the ends of the red and green ribbons at the end with a Zot. Create a loopy tree up the box lid, securing the two layers with Zots to the box and to each other, as necessary.

4. Tie a star button to the top loop with narrow red ribbon.

5. Secure gold jingle bells to the outer loops of the tree with the same ribbon.

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