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Christmas Ornament Wreath



Ornaments are a Christmas tree staple, but there are plenty of other ways to use this classic item to DIY other holiday hangings! These craft ornaments are ready to be painted, filled, and/or glittered in your Christmas color palette of choice. Starting with a blank surface allows you to decide what colors best suit your décor! 


12” Wreath Ring by ASHLAND

Multi-Surface Premium Satin Acrylic Paint by CRAFT SMART, White

Foam Brush by ARTMINDS

Christmas Mix Pom Poms by CREATOLOGY

Extra Find Glitter Stacker by ARTMINDS, Sterling

Fine/Jumbo Glitter Stacker by ARTMINDS, Ruby

CREATOLOGY Glitter, Mulit-Color

Low Temp Mini Glue Gun by CRAFTSMART

Mini Glue Sticks by ARTMINDS

1/8” Grosgrain Ribbon by CELEBRATE IT TEMPO

LOOPS & THREADS Straight Scissors

*Glitter and paint colors suggested, but pick your favorite colors to add, switch up, and decorate the ornaments!



1.Paint your wreath ring. Set aside to dry.

2.Personalize the plastic ornaments by filling them with pom-poms and pouring paint or glitter inside and letting them dry.

3.Use hot glue to attach the ornaments around the outside edge of your wreath ring.

4.Tie a glittered ornament to each end of a long piece of ribbon. Glue the ribbon, a little off center, to the inside of the top section of your wreath. Allow the ornaments to dangle int he center of your wreath at varying lengths.

5.Finally, cut a piece of wider ribbon. Wrap it around the wreath ring, at the area where the ribbon is attached in Step 4, and tie a bow and use as a hanger for your wreath.


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