Live Music from the North Pole!


Welcome Kris Kringle with cozy Christmas Fireplace Door Decor.



Project Template (CLICK HERE)




Foam board

Bulletin board fadeless roll paper, brick

Chisel tip bistro chalk marker, white

Creatology craft fur, black


3M Command large picture hanging strips

Brown paint

Craft wood strip

Wood spools

Green felt

Hot glue gun and glue *ADULT REQUIRED

Craft fur




1.CLICK HERE to print template.

1.Wrap foam board with brick paper and tape it onto the back.

2.To create the fireplace opening, measure a 12″x14″ rectangle on the bottom half of the covered foam board, and use a straight edge and an X-ACTO knife to cut out. Use enough pressure to cut through the paper, but not through the foam board.

3.Draw fire logs and flame with a pencil and then trace over the design with a white chalk marker. Let dry. Rub white chalk around the fire logs and wipe away with a paper towel.

4.ADULT, use X-ACTO knife and a yardstick to trim balsa wood down to 24″. This is the same width as the foam board.

5.Water down brown paint and stain the wood. Let dry.

6.Attach the wood to the top of the foam board as a mantel. Use hot glue to attach.

7.ADULT, hot glue two wood spools to the mantel for hanging stockings.

8.Trace stocking pattern onto green felt and cut out.

9.Add a craft fur trim to the top of each stocking and attach with hot glue.

10.Cut two 1/2“ wide and 6″ long strips of felt.

11.Attach each strip to the corners of the stockings, using hot glue, creating loops to hang.

12.Attach the fireplace to the front door and style with a wreath.


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