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Christmas Botanicals Wreath



Inspired by nature, this wreath is a perfect design for decorating with simplistic style. Mixing natural textures and colors is the key to beauty.


12” Twisted Grapevine Wreath by ASHLAND

Red Berry Scattered Bowl Filler by ASHLAND

Green Preserved Cyprus by ASHLAND

Natural Data Star Ornaments by ASHLAND

Jute Cording Value Pack

Low Temp Mini Glue Gun by CRAFT SMART

Mini Glue Sticks by ARTMINDS

LOOOPS & THREADS Straight Scissors



1.Lay the pieces on the wreath base to plan your design.

2.Break apart the fir and position it to naturally drape. Use hot glue to hold the pieces in place and attach to the wreath base.

3. Add complements, like the wood stars, and glue them in place.

4.Glue pine cones, berries, and pods.

5.Finish by adding a jute bow and hanger.


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