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Makes 24 cupcakes


It’s strawberry love with these tasty cupcakes…perfect for brunches, parties, or any celebration.


1 box PILLSBURY Moist Supreme Devil’s Food Cake Mix

Ingredients on package

1 tub PILLSBURY Creamy Supreme White Frosting

Red food coloring 

24 fresh strawberries, washed and dried

1 cup chocolate chips

Star tip



1.Prepare cupcakes according to package instructions.  Let cool completely.

2.Melt chocolate in a bowl. Dip strawberries into melted chocolate, place on parchment paper to let chocolate set. 

3.Add 3 drops of red food coloring to Frosting. Mix until fully incorporated. 

4.Place an open star piping tip into a piping bag. Fill bag with frosting. Pipe a swirl on top of each cupcake.

5.Place strawberries on top of cupcakes.  


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