Live Music from the North Pole!


You’ll have the cutest costume on the block!


2 rectangular cardboard boxes, each large enough to be the “body” and “hat” Lego. Sizes used in this project: 10″x7″x5 1/2″ and 17 1/2″x11 1/2″x9″

8 Darice paper mache clay pots

2 yards red felt

Box cutter or X-acto knife

Beaco felt glue

Sponge brush

Clay pot for felt template



1.Cut 8 pieces of felt, using clay pot as template.

2.Glue felt around long end of each pot. Cover the flat top of each pot with felt and allow to dry.

3.Remove back & one short side of large cardboard box. This will be the bottom of the costume.

4.Cut a half-moon hole in the remaining short side large enough for child to fit neck through.

5.Starting 2″ from edge, cut a hole into each long side of box on “neck” end large enough for child to fit arms through.

6.Cover large front and top side of body and hat boxes with felt, using a brush for even coverage, and allow to dry.

7.Cover sides of each box in felt, cutting clean edges around front & top sections, and allow to dry.

8.Keeping spaces even, cut 6 holes into front of body & 2 into top of hat large enough to slide pots into, but small enough to keep them secure (use photo as a guide).

9.Slide each finished pot into open hole.


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