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Great for playtime or a kitty costume, this Cat accessory is easy to make and fun to wear!


Premium Felt, 9″x 12″: Orange, Yellow, Baby Pink

2 1/2′ cream braiding cord

Needle with large hole

Hot glue gun and glue Sticks


Plain craft cat-shaped mask

Pattern templates (CLICK HERE)



1.Cut a piece of Orange felt slightly larger than the size of the mask.

2.Glue the felt to the mask, and trim away any extra felt around the edges and eyeholes.

3.CLICK HERE for the pattern templates. Using the patterns, cut out the stripes in Yellow felt.

4.Glue stripes along the top of the head and along the sides of the face.

5.Using the pattern templates, cut out the nose piece in Pink felt. Using the pattern templates, cut the inner ear pieces out of baby pink felt and the outer ear pieces out of pumpkin spice felt.

6.Glue the inner ears to outer ears. Glue the ears to top of the mask, gluing to the inside of the mask.

7.Cut six 5″ pieces of cream cord.

8.Use the needle to punch three holes on each side of the nose. Thread the cord through these holes and knot the back end. Trim the whiskers.


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