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Your favorite kiddo can now be your favorite kitty with this easy-to-make headband…great for playtime and costumes.



12″ square black lace

2 Black chenille stems

1/2 yd – 1/4″ wide white trim

Matching thread

Glue (optional)

Basic sewing supplies

Favorite cat ears pattern (can be found online)



1.Fold fabric in half with right sides together.

2.Cut 2 – Pin pattern to fabric and cut out 1/2″ from edge of pattern.

3.Keep pattern pinned to fabric and follow outline of ear pattern and stitch leaving bottom open. Turn and finger press edges.

4.Stitch white trim to outside edge of ears only.

5.Insert chenille stem in to ears close to edge and using zipper foot on sewing machine stitch close to stem.

6.Fold bottom of ear to inside and stitch across bottom.

7.Stitch or glue ears to headband.


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