Live Music from the North Pole!

Cardboard Tube Fireworks


Create a 4th of July craft that is truly dynamite! Use a recycled cardboard tube to paint patriotic fireworks with CRAYOLA Washable Kids’ Paint!


CRAYOLA Washable Paint

CRAYOLA Construction Paper

Cotton Swabs

CRAYOLA Scissors

Paper Towel Rolls


1.Carefully cut the bottom half of a recycled cardboard tube into thin strips all the way around the tube. Fan out the cut strips.

2.Pour red, white, and blue colors of CRAYOLA Washable Kids’ Paint onto 3 small paper plates. Dip the fanned cardboard tube into one of the paint colors and gently stamp the paint onto a sheet of black CRAYOLA Construction Paper.

3.Repeat the previous step to stamp the other colors onto the paper. Experiment with overlapping colors for interesting effects!

3.Dip cotton swabs into the paint and use to add details like dots or swirls to complete your fireworks display!


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