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Create a fun candy craft for your next summer pool party with these little jellyfish treats. They’re easy enough that kids can help put them together!


REESE’S White Crème Peanut Butter Cups


HERSHEY’S Premiere White Creme Chips

Bamboo skewers

Whole cantaloupe



1.Chill REESE’S Cups in a freezer.

2.Melt HERSHEY’S Premiere White Creme Chips in a microwave-safe bowl for 1 minute. Microwave in 30-second increments until smooth.

3.Peel TWIZZLERS PULL ‘N’ PEEL Candy into individual strands.

4.Slice a cantaloupe in half and place flesh-side down on your serving plate.

5.Remove cups from the freezer and unwrap completely. Spread a small amount of the melted chips onto one of the cups.

6.Press the strands of TWIZZLERS PULL ‘N’ PEEL Candy into the melted chip spread. Create a sandwich using the other cup so the TWIZZLERS PULL ‘N’ PEEL Candy are in the middle. Allow them to set.

7.Carefully skewer the jellyfish on a bamboo skewer (one per skewer). Place the other end of the skewer into the rind of the sliced cantaloupe.


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