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Candy Corn Party Favors



These adorable candy cane treat holders make the perfect party favor, or a fun craft to keep and hold your favorite Halloween treats!


Paper-back fusible web

Scalloped or pinking shears

1/8 yd (11/43cm) white felt

1/4 yd (22.86cm) orange felt

1/4 yd yellow felt

COATS Dual Duty XP All-Purpose Thread, White

Point turner

1-1/4 yds (1.14m) ribbon, 1/4″ wide (.64cm)



Preparing the cones

1.Trace two 3″ and two 5″ circles onto the fusible web backing paper. Rough-cut them apart.

2.Following the manufacturer’s instructions, fuse the 3″ (7.62cm) circles to the wrong side of the white felt. Fuse the 5″ circles to the wrong side of the orange felt.

3.Trace two 7-1/2″ circles onto the wrong side of the yellow felt.

4.Using the decorative scissors, cut out the circles on the marked lines.

5.Matching centers, fuse the white circles to the orange circles, then fuse the white/orange circles to the yellow circle. Be sure all edges are pressed firmly.

Assembling the cones

6.CLICK HERE for the template. Using the template, cut two cones from each fused circle set.

7.Fold the circles right sides together, matching the different fused circle edges, and sew the seam using a 1/4″ seam allowance. Backstitch at both ends of the seam. Trim the seam allowances at the point and at the upper edge.

8.Turn the cones right side out and poke out the point using a point turner.

Finishing the cones

9.Cut the ribbon into four 11″ lengths. Knot each end of the ribbons and trim the end at an angle 1/4″ beyond the knot.

10.Fold each candy corn cone in half at the seamline and pin-mark the opposite halfway point.

11.Double stitch a ribbon end at each mark, overlapping the knotted end of the ribbon about 1/4″, and being careful not to twist.

12.Fill with treats.


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