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Bunny Headband



We’re all ears! Have a hoppy Easter with this egg-stra special Bunny Headband craft for kids.



CRAYOLA Construction Paper

CRAYOLA Scissors

CRAYOLA Bright Pop! Cardstock


CRAYOLA No-Run School Glue




1.Using ruler and pencil, make tick mark on top and bottom of construction paper, 2” from left edge. Connect tick marks to create paper strip.

2.Sketch outer and inner bunny ears on construction paper.

3.Cut out ears and paper strip.

4.Glue inner ears to outer ears.

5.Add glue to bottom of ears and place paper strip on top to create headband.

6.Sketch and cut out construction paper flowers. Layer and glue center of flowers to headband.

7.Sketch and cut out 4 construction paper circles.

8.Cut slit to middle of circle. Wrap into cone shape and glue to secure. Lightly flatten cone shape to create flower.

9.Repeat step 8 for each construction paper circle. Glue to headband.

10.Sketch and cut out construction paper leaves. Glue to headband.

11.Sketch and cut out cardstock circle. Glue to center of flower.

12.Cut out short, thin pieces of cardstock. Glue inside cone-shaped flowers. Let all glue steps dry 1 to 2 hours.

13.Place on some bunny’s head for a hopping Easter celebration!


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