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Bunny Garland



These adorable little bunnies will make any room look spring-ready!


CRICUT Maker machine

Computer and printer

Rotary blade

Cotton fabric





Fabric glue

Quilt batting

Fabric CRICUT mat



1.CLICK HERE to open CRICUT Design Space.

2.Insert Bunny Design M9FFA89F and adjust size to approx. 3.5″x 5.5”.

3.Hide writing on the image using the right panel and use contour to hide bunny tail.

4.Duplicate 10 times.

5.Flip image, and duplicate another 10 times (this is the back side of the bunny).

6.Measure and cut your fabric to fit on your mat space.

7.Cut with the CRICUT once with the fabric, then change material to quilt batting, and then cut again using quilt batting.

8.Stitch layered together fabric, quilt batting, and fabric.

9.Glue pompom ball onto bunny.

10.Glue bunnies onto 5′ of twine or also can be sewn to the twine.


TIP: Resize design before cutting the quilt batting down about 1/4 inch before cutting to fit nicely between cotton fabric.


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