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Bunny Ears Easter Basket



This is a great project for a parent, grandparent, friend, or any adult to make. Fill it with toys and treats to surprise that special kiddo in your life!


White basket with handle

Mini Glue Sticks by ARTMINDS

Giant Chenille Pipe Cleaners by CREATOLOGY, White

9” x 12” Basic Felt by CREATOLOGY, Baby Pink

Low Temp Mini Glue Gun by CRAFT SMART

LOOPS & THREADS Straight Scissors

6” Diagonal Cutter by ASHLAND


Tracing Paper




1.Find your favorite bunny ears patten online and print it out (use the picture as a guide to find the right size of bunny ears); cut out one of the bunny ears.

2.Trace the ear pattern two times onto pink felt and cut out the shape.

3.Measure and cut two 28″ pieces from a giant chenille stem. Fold one piece in half and position the fold at the top of the felt ear. Hot glue it around the edge of the felt ear. Repeat for the other ear.

4.Wrap the ends of the chenille stems from each ear around the handle of the basket.


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