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Bunches of Love Heart Bouquet


Heart-shaped flowers with intricate cuts create a beautiful bouquet!


CRAYOLA Sweetheart Collection Construction Paper
CRAYOLA Chenille Stems
CRAYOLA No-Run School Glue
Self-Adhesive Foam Dots
CRAYOLA Construction Paper
CRAYOLA Model Magic
Upcycled Tin Can



1.Use CRAYOLA Scissors to cut heart-shaped flowers and leaves. Vary the sizes, shapes, and colors so your bouquet will be more interesting.

2.Layer the flower and leaf shapes so they overlap each other. Cut out tiny border designs and make interior cuts, such as veins in the leaves, to show off the layers of color. To assemble each leaf or flower, use self-adhesive foam dots on solid areas for a 3-D look. Use Crayola School Glue to sandwich a chenille stem between layers of each leaf and flower. Lay flat to air dry.

3.For a vase, use a clean, dry recycled juice can or similar container that has no sharp edges. Cut paper to cover the vase. Add strips with neat designs cut out to make interesting borders. Glue on cutouts from your leaves and flowers if you like. Glue the pieces around the can. Air-dry the glue.

4.Fill the vase with CRAYOLA Model Magic. Poke the chenille stems into the Model Magic. Bend the stems so each leaf and flower stands the way you want. Share your bouquet with someone you love—or use it as a centerpiece for Valentine’s Day or any holiday

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