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With CRAYOLA Slick Stix, intense colors go on as smoothly as a butterfly fluttering in the breeze! Imagine how cool your room will look with this Brilliant Butterfly Kite hanging on the wall! 




CRAYOLA Slick Stix 

CRAYOLA Crayons 


CRAYOLA Construction Paper 


Yarn (optional) 

Tissue paper (optional) 



1.Cover your craft area with newspaper and wear a painting shirt. Fold construction paper in half. Use CRAYOLA Slick Stix to draw half of a butterfly. The body goes along the fold and the wings extend outward toward the open edges. 

 2.Cut out your butterfly. Open it up and you’ll see that it’s the same on both sides. This is called bilateral symmetry, because the butterfly has two halves (bilateral), and is the same on each half (symmetry). 

 3.Decorate your butterfly kite. Make the sides as equal as possible, to preserve the symmetry. The Slick Stix go on SOOOO smoothly with such intense colors! You can even blend colors if you wish. 

 4.If you wish, tape on a yarn tail. Tie bits of tissue paper on the tail. Hang your kite to add brilliant color to any room! 


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