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Add some color to make a fun Bright Striped Wood Tray for your treats.



Artminds wood tray

Fine grit sandpaper

Craft Smart Satin Acrylic Paint, White

Craft Smart Brush Assortment

Plastic paint palette or paper plate

Paper towel

Paper trimmer (or ruler and scissors)

Recollections 12”x12” Openstock Paper: Yellow Chevron, Black Dot, Blue Chevron, Pink Dots, Green Wag

Mod Lodge Matte

Spray bottle

Cup of water



1.Sand your wood tray using fine grit sandpaper.

2.Apply the first coat of paint to the entire surface of the tray white.

Note: It is not necessary to paint the underside of the tray unless desired. You will want to use assorted sizes of paintbrushes to accommodate hard-to-reach areas. Allow the paint 15 minutes to dry between coats.

3.Apply the second coat of paint to the tray. Set aside to dry.

4.Apply a third coat of paint, if necessary.

5.Cut strips of decorative paper in varying widths that are 9 1/2“ long. You will use Mod Podge to attach these to the inside of the tray.

6.Arrange your paper strips in a desired pattern off to the side of the tray. When a design is decided, apply a generous amount of Mod Podge to the inside bottom of the tray. Do not cover too large of an area as the Mod Podge dries quickly. For best results, work in small sections at a time.

7.Using a spray bottle with water, spritz the back of the paper strips and lay them down onto the Mod Podge. The water will help the paper to relax and have fewer wrinkles and air bubbles.

8.Continue adding Mod Podge and paper strips to the wood tray until the entire bottom is covered. Allow Mod Podge to fully dry, which could take up to 20 minutes.

9.Once dry, apply another layer of Mod Podge on top of the paper to seal the surface. Set tray aside to dry another 20 minutes.


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