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Birthday Candle Bowling



Channel kids’ pre-party excitement into making Birthday Candle Bowling. Design the game along with them to show your enthusiasm for creativity!


CRAYOLA Construction Paper


Tissue Paper


CRAYOLA No-Run School Glue



1.Gather as many clean, dry quart milk cartons as the birthday child’s new age. Staple the top of each carton closed.

2.Measure construction paper to fit around each carton, including the top. Cut with CRAYOLA Scissors.

3.Cover the paper candle with a thick layer of CRAYOLA Twistables designs. Use the tip of your scissors or the edge of a CRAYLA Marker cap to carve lines across each design. Experiment with different designs and patterns on each candle. Attach the candle coverings to the milk cartons with CRAYOLA School Glue.

4.Cut or tear red, orange, and yellow tissue paper into flames. Staple the pretend flames to the top of each candle.

5.To play Birthday Candle Bowling, set up the birthday candle pins at the end of a hallway or on a sidewalk. Players take turns rolling a lightweight ball at the pins.


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