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Birthday Birthday Yard Sign


Honk it’s my Birthday!



Unfinished wood sign
Acrylic Paint – red, bright pink, light pink, light orange, white, black
Medium flat brush
Fine detail brush
Water & paper towels for clean up
Clear spray varnish


1.Paint the top of the sign white. While the top is drying paint stripes down the legs alternating between the colors in no particular order, paint the bottom 1/3 of the leg white. Set aside to dry. (You may need additional coats of paint to get your desired finish.)

2.Using a pencil lightly draw out the words onto your sign, “HONK IT’S MY BIRTHDAY.” Vary the styles of letters to add interest. (Script, Block letters, etc.) Add in triangles and circles around the lettering to add a confetti detail to the design.

3.Paint over the words with the designated paint colors. Add additional coats as needed. Outline the words with black paint and a fine detail brush. (Or use a black paint marker.)

4.Once the paint is dry, erase any pencil marks.

5.Spray with a coat of clear varnish to seal from the weather if placing outside.


Start painting with the foreground first then move to the letters and finish with the black outlines. This will give you the cleanest finish.

Erase pencil marks with a slightly damp paper towel. With it, gently rub off the marks. Make sure the paint is completely dry and cured before wiping and try not to wipe over the painted letters as much as possible.

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