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Take your treat bags up a notch with DIY Bats and Spider Treat bags…a cute idea from Two Little Taylors.


Paper gift bags, black

Eye tickers

12” x 12” cardstock, black

Chenille stems, black

Hot glue gun and glue (*adult supervision required)



1.Place eye stickers on the front of each bag to make the face.

2.For the bat themed bags, cut out bat wing shapes. You can CLICK HERE for a design in

Cricut Design Space. Then cut out with your Cricut machine or freehand with scissors for an organic look.

3.For the spider themed bags, use four chenille pipe cleaners and twist them together in the middle to form the spider legs. You can bend the tips of the legs to give them more shape.

4.With adult supervision, hot glue bat wings and spider legs to the back of the bags.

5.Pop open bags and fill with candy!

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