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Banner of Love


Tell someone special how you feel with a lovely gift! This Banner of Love wall plaque will warm someone’s heart.



CRAYOLA Model. Magic

CRAYOLA Scissors

CRAYOLA Model Magic Shape N Cut Tools




1.Start by flattening a large ball of CRAYOLA Model Magic modeling compound. With CRAYOLA Scissors, a plastic knife, or other modeling tool, carefully cut out a large heart.

2.Roll out a rectangle of a different color Model Magic compound that is about twice as long as your heart is wide. Even out the edges. Cut a pointy triangle out of each end for the tapered ends of your banner. Center your banner on top of the heart. To make it a little wavy, fold the ends under the edges of the heart, keeping the tips pointed out. Make little scrunch marks along the edges to look like ribbon.

3.What would you like your banner to say? Use Model Magic to roll out long skinny pieces and create letters. Shape them on top of the banner or heart.

4.To adorn your heart with roses, roll out at least a dozen balls of Model Magic compound, varying from very small to medium size. With your thumb or finger, press the smallest ball flat so that the petal sides lip up slightly. Cut in half. Take one half and curl the tips together, keeping the lips on the outer edge. With the other half of the ball, wrap it around the side where the first tips touch. This is the center of your rose that you will build petals around.

5.For each additional layer of rose petals, use a slightly larger ball of Model Magic than the one before it. Press flat with your thumb, cut in half, and wrap it around the previous layer. Make your roses as large as you like. As you build them larger, you

6.Before you attach your roses, create leaves. Roll a medium-sized ball of Model Magic compound flat. Cut out teardrops. Use a modeling tool to create veins and serrated edges on each leaf. Attach leaves underneath roses with the pointed end facing outward.

7.To hang your heart and banner, cut a cardboard circle a bit smaller than the heart. Cut a thumb-sized hole in the circle a bit away from the edge. Loop a long piece of ribbon through the hole and tie it. Glue the circle underneath the heart so the ribbon

8.Air-dry your Banner of Love before displaying—or giving it as a gift. Model Magic dries to the touch overnight and dries completely in 2 to 3 days.


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