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Create your own puffy fish-with paper lunch bags! Paint and stuff a whole school of these delightful creatures.


CRAYOLA Washable Paint

CRAYOLA Construction Paper


CRAYOLA Paint Brush

Upcycled Paper Bags



What lives in the ocean, a pond, or river? Fish! Lots of them! Use your imagination to create these Baggy Fish to swim in pretend water.

1.Cover your art area with recycled newspaper.

2.Paint a paper lunch bag with CRAYOLA Washable Kid’s Paint.  You may use a sponge or a CRAYOLA So Big Brush.

3.Add an eye so your fish can see.

4.While the paint is still wet, lay a piece of yarn on your fish to make a mouth. The yarn will stick to the paint when it’s dry.

5.On construction paper, paint a watery home for your fish. You might paint waves, seaweed, or other fish.

6.Lay your fish and water scene flat to air dry.

7.Crumple newspaper. Stuff your fish with it.

8.Ask an adult to help you tie the open end with yarn. Fluff out the tail.

Lay your fish on its watery home.

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