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Apple Barrel Poured Pumpkin


By: Emma Pniewski


Paint your pumpkin with the colors of the rainbow! Try this colorful no-carve option this fall to give your autumn decor a vibrant, playful touch.


FOLKART Brush Sets – Soft Grip – Wash Brush Set – 50603E

APPLE BARREL Pouring Medium, 8 oz. – 44839

APPLE BARREL Colors – White, 2 oz. – 20503

APPLE BARREL Colors – Flag Red, 2 oz. – 21469

APPLE BARREL Colors – Jack-O-Lantern, 2 oz. – 21472

APPLE BARREL Colors – Bright Yellow, 2 oz. – 21513

APPLE BARREL Colors – New Shamrock, 2 oz. – 21479

APPLE BARREL Colors – Bimini Blue, 2 oz. – 21482

APPLE BARREL Colors – Bright Blue, 2 oz. – 20225

APPLE BARREL Colors – Purple Iris, 2 oz. – 21486


Disposable Cups

Wood Craft Sticks/Disposable Spoon

Poster Board/Newspaper/Parchment Paper



1.Basecoat your pumpkin White and let dry.

2.In separate cups, mix Flag Red, Jack-O-Lantern, Bright Yellow, New Shamrock, Bimini Blue, Bright Blue, and Purple Iris with Apple Barrel Pouring Medium. It should be a 2:1 ratio of paint to pouring medium.

3.In a rainbow sequence, directly pour your paint mixtures on to the pumpkin. Don’t twilt or swirl your pumpkin. Pour at the top and let it run down the base of your pumpkin. Let dry.


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