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Apple Barrel Mummy Pumpkins


By: Emma Pniewski


You’ll be wrapped up in the cuteness of these mummy pumpkins when you give them a coat of Apple Barrel acrylic paint. This set of spooky pumpkins is the perfect project for your kids on a fun fall evening. Use them to decorate for Halloween!



APPLE BARREL Colors Acrylic Paint 16-Color Set (PROMOABlll)

FOLKART Brush sets – Soft Grip – Wash Brush Set (50603E)

MOD PODGE Matte, 8oz (CS11301)

3 Pumpkins

White Crepe Paper



1.Basecoat your first pumpkin with Candy Pink and let dry.

2.Basecoat your second pumpkn with Purple Iris and let dry.

3.Basecoat your third pumpkin with Bright Yellow and let dry.

4.Paint two White circles on your pumpkin that will act as eyes. Let dry.

5.Use the end of your brush to dot Black dots in the center of your white dots. Let dry.

6.Wrap your white crepe paper around your pumpkins and adhere it with Mod Podge Matte. Let dry.

7.Paint the stems of your pumpkins with Black and let dry. 


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