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Tell classmates and friends all about YOU! Learn how to make an All About Me Poster with the bold color and full coverage of CRAYOLA Project supplies.



CRAYOLA Project XL Poster Markers
CRAYOLA Project Easy Peel Crayon Pencils
CRAYOLA Project Quick Dry Paint Sticks
Picture Frame
CRAYOLA Project Metallic Markers
CRAYOLA Project Metallic Outline Markers
CRAYOLA Project Glitter Markers
Poster Board



1. Lightly sketch grade number in pencil on poster board.

2. Outline grade number with metallic markers.

3. Write name with metallic outline markers.

4. Draw your selfie with easy peel crayon pencils.

5. Add more personal details and drawings with easy peel pencils, metallic markers, glitter markers, and paint sticks.

6. Fill in large areas with XL markers.

7. Place in frame & be proud of your unique self!


TIP: Hold poster for a back-to-school photo op, bring into school for show and tell, or hang up at your house!


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