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Kick off the holiday season with a DIY Air Dry Clay Winter Votive! Use Air Dry Clay and metallic paint to create a custom piece of winter decor!


CRAYOLA Air Dry Clay

CRAYOLA Washable Metallic Paint

Battery-Operated Tea Lights

CRAYOLA Model Magic Shape N Cut Tools

CRAYOLA Washable Glitter Paint

Heavy Paper



1.Roll out a medium sized ball of Air Dry Clay on a piece of wax paper.

2.Create or download a cone shaped stencil on paper, cut out and place on top of rolled Air Dry Clay. Use a modeling tool to cut out the clay around the stencil.

3.Create a design in the Air Dry Clay using small cookie cutters, straws or other objects that can be used to create shapes.

4.Carefully roll the clay over to create a cone shape. If the cone does not stand up, add more clay to create thicker walls of the votive. Allow to dry overnight.

5.When the votive is completely dry, mix Silver Metallic paint and the Glitter Paint together. Use a paintbrush to paint the votive. Use two or three coats to cover completely. Allow to dry.

6.When dry, use Glitter Glue to accent the cut-outs of the votive. Allow to dry before displaying with a battery operated tea light!


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