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Create an Air Dry Clay DIY Ornament with the imprint from a winter hat. Hang on your holiday tree, use as a homemade holiday decoration, or give as a gift!


CRAYOLA Air Dry Clay

CRAYOLA Glitter Glue

Rolling Pin

Cookie Cutters


Disposable Cups

CRAYOLA Watercolors

Wax Paper

Winter Hat




On a piece of wax paper, roll out a 1/2” thick, medium-size ball of air dry clay.

Place an old winter hat on top of the clay.

Use rolling pin to create an imprint.

Use cookie cutter on the clay to create the ornament shape.

Use straw to create a hole close to the top of the ornament.

Dry overnight.

When dry, paint ornament with watercolors.

Add accents with glitter glue. Dry 3 to 4 hours.

Tie ribbon or string through the hole and tie to complete the ornament.

Hang on your tree or around the house!


Make more than a single ornament! Experiment with other shapes and colors to complement your holiday décor.

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