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Preserve summer memories (or any special moment!) by making Air Dry Clay Imprints as keepsakes you can put on display. Imprint found objects, then make the clay impressions pop with paint!


CRAYOLA White Air Dry Clay
CRAYOLA Paint Brushes
Seashells, Ferns, Found Objects
Disposable Cup
CRAYOLA Washable Paint
CRAYOLA Watercolors
Rolling Pin
Wax Paper


1.On wax paper, flatten a large clay ball with a rolling pin to create the surface for your imprints. Make it thick enough to make your impressions!

2.Use found objects to press into the flattened clay. Dry overnight.

3.Use a paint brush and washable or watercolor paint to give the imprints a pop of color.

4.Allow paint to dry 1 to 2 hours, then display!

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