Live Music from the North Pole!


This Advent Treat Tree will be a sweet showstopper during the holidays.




Small toys

Wrapped candy

Craft Smart Acrylic Paint, Apple Tart

Craft Smart Acrylic Paint, Bright Red

Craft Smart Acrylic Paint, Pink Blast

Craft Smart Acrylic Paint, Robin Egg Blue

Craft Smart Acrylic Paint, Holiday Green

Glitter Block Alphabet Stickers by Recollections

Mini glue gun and mini glue sticks


Recollections Circle Lever Punch

Creatology Chenille Stems, Red

Rainbow Loom Refill Bands

Masking tape (or painter’s tape)

Recollections Cardstock, White

Artist’s Loft Level 1 Back Stapled Canvas

Celebrate It Tissue Paper, Festive Green

X-Acto Axent Knife

Creatology White Paper Roll

Celebrate It 1/5” Red Satin Ribbon



1.First, paint your background on the canvas and let dry. TIP: For stripes, use masking (or painter’s) tape to create straight lines.

2.Carefully cut 12 tubes in half using a craft knife.

3.Arrange the tube halves onto the canvas in the shape of a Christmas tree. Lightly mark the place for each tube so that you can put them back in place after they are decorated.

4.Now, cut green tissue paper into 12 4″ [10.2 cm] squares.

5.On one side of each tube, lay a tissue square over the opening, fold the excess down the side of the tube and secure it in place with a small rubber band.

6.Add a small toy or piece of candy or other treat to each tube.

7.Hot glue each tube to your canvas as marked.

8.Punch 24 circles from white cardstock.

9.Add number stickers 1-24 onto the circles, then glue them onto tubes starting with 1 at the top and ending with 24 at the bottom.

10.Finally, make a red satin ribbon bow and hot glue it to your canvas at the top of the tree.


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