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A Bird on Your Hand


Draw a colorful turkey, peacock, parrot, or any bird—all starting with your handprint. Fly with your imagination with A Bird on Your Hand!



CRAYOLA Color Wonder aper

CRAYOLA Color Wonder Soft Sticks



1.On CRAYOLA Color Wonder Paper, trace your open hand with a CRAYOLA Color Wonder Soft Stick color.

2.Here’s how to turn you palm into a turkey or another fine-feathered friend. You can make any design you want!

3.Use quick strokes of the stick to make feathers. Use yellow to draw feet. Draw a bright blue eye. By pressing harder you get brighter colors. Light strokes create a paler shade.

4.Layer red over yellow to make orange, or try other color combinations. Experiment to make new colors. Fill your page with feathers, a barnyard scene, or anything you wish.


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